All employees of Oakham Sheet Metal Company Limited (also T/A Oakham Metal Products) are passionate about environmental protection and we actively seek to minimise the environmental aspects and impacts associated with our operations. In addition, ShapeLab Ltd. is committed to provide information, instruction, and training to ensure we meet our environmental objectives and targets.

As a company Oakham Metal Products are committed to the careful stewardship of the environment and its natural resources. To fulfil this commitment Oakham will endeavour to:

• Ensure that appropriate environmental training is provided for all employees in environmental matters relevant to their work

• Provide effective advice and environmental instruction, information and training to assist clients to meet their requirements for environmental best practice, prevention of pollution and legal compliance

• Control our own activities to ensure prevention of pollution and compliance with environmental legislation and other requirements

Ensure continual improvement of our environmental performance through:

• Monitoring and measuring our energy consumption and promoting energy efficiency

• Contributing to projects run by our clients to balance unavoidable emissions v/ Elimination, reduction, reuse, and recycling of our waste streams where possible Consider the environmental performance of suppliers and subcontractors when selecting services and products, whilst also making a conscious effort to select environmentally preferable materials and products

• The organisation is committed to the continual improvement of the significant internal and external environmental aspects and impacts of its operation. Setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets will drive the organisation towards these goals.